ShopSync Product Updates



Minor Updates
  • Updated app to be compatible with ITP 2.1 (Safari)
  • Cosmetic updates with stats and quick links
Bug Fixes
  • Patched issues related to campaign attribution



Minor Updates
  • Added alerts for situations where users don't have the elevated Mailchimp permissions to connect ShopSync
  • Added alerts for required fields prior to initiating a sync.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where deleted product variants were causing syncs to fail



Minor Updates
  • Implemented a confirmation pop-up before allowing Force Resync feature.
  • Added setting to enable or disable communications from ShopSync.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where international * email addresses were being sent to Mailchimp.
  • Fixed issue where product counts in ShopSync did not match the number in Shopify.



Bug Fixes
  • Fixed save issue with merge tag mapper after changing selection.



  • Added a "Last updated at" timestamp to show when the last item was processed during the initial sync. This was implemented to help users better understand the current status of their sync.
  • Miscellaneous under the hood and UX improvements.



New Features
Sync up Shopify and Mailchimp during the initial sync

The legacy 'Mailchimp for Shopify' did not perform a full sync. It only supported one-way communication from Shopify to Mailchimp. Customers using the integration which had any unsubscribed customers on the Mailchimp side did not accurately reflect the Shopify statuses. During the sync, we were getting reports of people being re-subscribed by accident due to our app thinking Shopify was correct. In reality, it wasn't the best way to execute the logic, so we implemented this change as noted. During the initial syncing process, if we detect any members on the list from the previous integration, and if the statuses were not in sync, we then update the accepts_marketing property on the customer to reflect what was in Mailchimp.

Bug Fixes
  • Unsubscribe by admin with Transactional users - now, we should be ignoring anyone in the transactional state. This will not impact users on the list member endpoint. We were unsubscribing someone who was never on the list to begin with, therefore the logic was incorrect.
  • Patched issue with customer notes that were not coming over to a Mailchimp merge tag.